Nominal Ledger

SDM's Nominal Ledger module provides a full double entry accounting package for housing organisations, it also includes a sub-system for Capital / Development Schemes accounting. All financial transactions can be maintained within one main database. The system uses a unique nominal coding structure, which allows for cost centre and analysis code reporting. The module is easy to operate and provides all the information required by a Finance Department and other users.

Key Information

Transaction File
  • User defined nominal codes

  • Automatic master codes

  • "Drill down" facility

  • Definable posting types

  • Reversing journals

  • Cost centre option

  • Budget figures

  • Alpha-numeric codes

  • Multi-company option

  • Bank Reconciliation & Cash Book

Development / Capital Ledger
  • Scheme profile

  • Funding details

  • Consultants information

  • Income / expenditure details

  • Key dates & amounts

  • Daily audit trails

  • Code listings

  • Analysis Reports

  • Development ledger

  • Trial Balance

  • Management Reporting

Major Features

  • Full double entry book-keeping

  • Detailed audit trails

  • Automatic postings

  • Flexible reporting

  • Budget information / reports

  • Spreadsheet links

  • Import / export facility

  • Integration with other modules

  • Development reporting

  • Automatic Form numbering

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Easy to use screen enquiries

  • Year end reporting

  • Full error checking

  • Multiple bank accounts

  • Designated control accounts

Report Generator

Nominal Ledger data can be used in conjunction with the Report Writer, which enables users to create and store their own customised ad-hoc reports.


The package is multi-user and multisociety. Nominal Ledger links to Rent/Housing Management, Factoring/Service Charges, Property Repairs & Maintenance, Fixed Assets Register, Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger and Payroll/Personnel modules.

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