Planned Maintenance

The SDM Planned Maintenance module is a key element in the SDM range of Housing Software. Designed to operate along with the SDM Repairs and Maintenance module, the program allows housing staff to hold all the information required for stock condition surveys and to produce various reports for Life Cycle Costing. The program is also designed to allow users to import data from hand held systems and also to carry out sophisticated modelling.

Key Information

Property File
  • Alpha numeric reference number

  • Full address details

  • Other property attributes

  • Stock condition codes

  • Void information

  • Elemental life expectancy

  • Survey details

  • Telephone contact numbers

  • Email addresses

  • Full statistical information

  • Access

  • Stock Condition Reports

  • Life Cycle Costing

  • Variable periods

  • Full selection criteria

  • Standard letters

Major Features

  • Full property database

  • Copy facility to input data

  • Global up-dates

  • Import / export facility

  • Screen enquiries

  • Reports

  • Data modelling

  • Standard letters

  • Inflation details

  • Links to day to day repairs

  • Cost uplifts

Report Generator

Stock condition data can be used in conjunction with the Report Writer and Crystal Reports, which enables users to create and store their own customised ad-hoc reports.


The Planned Maintenance Package fully integrates with the SDM Repairs & Maintenance module. In addition, data may be easily exported to other software applications.

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