Voids Management

The Voids Management module has been designed to allow staff to exercise greater control over the management of void properties.

This module is up-dated automatically by both the Rent/ Housing Management, Waiting List & Allocations and Repairs & Maintenance modules.

Key Information

  • Property details

  • Void start date

  • Void Type

  • Void total loss

  • Number of days void

  • Former tenant details

  • Room details

  • Offer information

  • Lettings information

  • Current voids

  • Historic voids

  • Year to date figures

  • Inspection prompts

  • Diary details

Major Features

  • Diary system

  • Inspection prompts

  • User-defined void codes

  • Target dates for void process

  • Current / historic enquiries

  • Former tenant / property history

  • Maintenance history information

  • New lettings information

Report Generator

In addition to the above, the package can be used in conjunction with the Report Writer Package, which enables users to create and store their own customised ad-hoc reports.


The SDM Voids Management module is designed to work in conjunction with the Rents/Housing Management, Repairs & Maintenance, Waiting List & Allocation modules. Relevant void information is updated automatically on an interactive basis.

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