Christian Action Enfield

Christian Action Housing in Enfield has been using housing management software developed by SDM's in-house programmers since 2003. Over the years, the North London based housing association has come to rely on a broad suite of integrated SDM programs to deliver and monitor its services to some 1,500 homes, including a large proportion of supported housing tenancies.

"We currently use SDM software for rents and housing management, repairs and maintenance, planned works, voids management, complaints, waiting list and allocations to name just a few" says Andy Chamberlain, IT Project Officer. "We work quite closely with SDM, not only in suggesting ways in which existing programs can be enhanced and improved for other users but customising programs around our own specific needs and requirements, particularly around importing and processing our own data to create meaningful performance reports."

"I think SDM are pretty much leading the way and they do listen to their customers. The software is always developing around what we the users say we want and need. They're always looking at where complementary technologies such as text messaging, tablet PCs and cloud computing fit in with the use of the software and their pricing structure is also very sympathetic to small and medium sized organisations such as ours who are always looking to grow and improve."

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