Extended Databases

Powerful add-ons to The SDM Housing Software suite are the Extended Database facilities, allowing the user to create fully user-defined fields against the Tenant, Property and Applicant databases.

In addition, the Extended Database facilities exist as a standard part of Payroll & Personnel and within Repairs & Maintenance (to define Job Satisfaction Survey) and within Payroll & Personnel to define fields for holding personnel information.

These fields, once defined, are totally configurable in terms of caption, field type and position within each database and are also then available as selection criteria with all of the main standard reports.

Definable Field Types

  • Page heading

  • Group Heading

  • Integer

  • Numeric (specifying decimal places)

  • Date

  • Text

  • Tick Box

  • Choice List

  • Code (from a user-defined table)

  • Questions

Examples of Potential Uses

Tenant Database
  • Supporting People Data

  • Services Provision & Monitoring

Applicant Database
  • Required Adaptations

  • Additional Non-standard Information

Property Database
  • Adaptations

  • Decent Homes / SHQS Specifics

Job Survey
  • Fully-defined Satisfaction Questions

  • Pre & Post-inspection Information

Personnel Database
  • Qualifications Achieved

  • Courses Attended

  • Objective Setting & Monitoring

Main Features

  • Customisable export to Excel

  • Extended data can be used to filter reports

  • Allows up to 10 extra tabs of information with 25 fields on each tab

  • Can generate Task List reminders for action date fields

  • Audit trail

  • Import Extended Data

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