The SDM Hostels Module is designed to allow users to commence and terminate tenants into rooms on a nightly basis. Hostel bookings can also be set for specific charging periods with the ability to transfer and terminate bookings on a daily basis.

Key Information

  • Creation of Hostel Tenant File Record

  • Creation of Property records coded as Hostels

  • Charging for Hostel Bookings

  • Hostel Payments

  • Hostel Bookings / Terminations Report

  • Exporting Data Functionality to Excel

Main Features

  • Flexible booking of Tenants into Properties on a nightly basis

  • Flexible Charging Basis Configurations

  • Charge VAT on Nightly Charges

  • Addition of Memo Account sub accounts

  • Payment Form Types with Receipting Option

  • Reverse Calculation feature when transferring tenants from one room to another

  • Cancellation of Hostel Booking

  • Hostel Booking Room Transfers

  • Flexible Occupancy Stay Periods

  • Accommodation History View


Integrates with the Rents & Housing Management Module

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