Repairs & Maintenance

The SDM Repairs and Maintenance module provides a total solution for maintenance personnel. It can store comprehensive information about properties, both tenanted and void, along with details on all current and historic jobs.

As property managers require instant access to information, considerable use is made of screen enquiries in addition to printed reports. The package is fully userconfigurable to suit individual requirements.

Key Information

Property Database
  • Full property attributes

  • Room sizes

  • Appliance details

  • Cyclical details

  • Property Diary

  • Extended Data

  • Stock condition data

  • Housing Quality Standards

  • Key Register

  • Medical Adaptations

Job Ordering System
  • Automatic order numbering

  • Multiple job codes

  • Preferred supplier indicators

  • Urgency codes & calculations

  • Completion dates

  • Invoice details

  • Pre and post Inspection flags

  • Appointment dates

  • Import Jobs

  • Print, email and export orders

  • Maintenance creditors

  • Response times

  • Annual inspections

  • Recharge / insurance details

  • Performance analysis

Major Features

  • Comprehensive property database

  • Cyclical Maintenance planning

  • Annual Inspection prompts

  • Gas Servicing

  • Working days calendar

  • Life cycle costing data

  • Schedule of Rates

  • Customisable job order layout

  • Order history

  • Global updates

  • Create Scheme Jobs

  • Standard Letters

  • Job satisfaction surveys & reports

  • Diary system

  • Maintenance budget facility

  • Customisable data exports

  • SDM Appointment System

  • Texting tenants

  • SDM Order Integration (export/import orders)


The SDM Repairs & Maintenance module links to SDM Rents & Housing Management, SDM Voids Management, SDM Task List, SDM Document Manager, SDM Planned Maintenance, SDM Purchase Ledger, SDM Nominal Ledger and SDM CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

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