Report Writer

SDM use the Clarion Corporation's state of the art report generator package as part of their Housing System.

The module allows users to create and customise their own report formats using the information held in the SDM Housing system.

Key Information

  • Links to SDM data dictionary

  • Ability to report on different fields

  • Links to graphics files

  • Full text editing

  • User defined page size / layout

  • Password protection

  • User defined sort fields

  • Count facility

  • "Mail merge" option

  • Multi-page reports

  • Auto populate fields

  • Page header / footers

  • Standard Templates supplied by SDM

  • Save & re run reports

  • Copy / edit existing reports

  • Print / preview options

Major Features

  • Run time fields

  • Produce statistical reports

  • Conditional fields

  • Flexible reporting

  • Budget information / reports

  • Full Integration with other modules

  • Standard Letters

  • User defined library structure

  • Group totals

  • Easy to use control toolbox

  • Simple Text manipulation


The report writer package can be used in conjunction with any of the SDM Housing modules.

Where appropriate reports can be created that span a number of modules.

Committee / Board and other management reports can be printed directly from the system.

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