Task List

SDM Task List provides users with an automated list of outstanding items awaiting action. Items which are due for action within a user defined period are displayed in the form of a Task List.

Main Features

  • Automatic generation of Task List

  • On-screen Task List maintenance

  • Ad-hoc tasks can be inserted

  • Ability to print Task List

  • View tasks by status e.g. All, Outstanding, Completed, Cancelled

  • Managers can insert, review and deal with Tasks for other staff. Configurable by person and number of days Due. Task List can be filtered by Area, Manager, Scheme and Extended Data date fields.

Task List Generated From:

Tenant Database
  • Tenant diary reminders

  • Extended database fields

  • Consultants information

Applicant Database
  • Applicant diary Reminders

  • Extended database fields

Property Database
  • Property diary reminders

  • Rent Increases

  • Extended database fields

  • Overdue Jobs

  • Outstanding requests

  • Appliance Work

  • Cyclical Work

  • Job diary reminders


Integrates with SDM Rents and Housing Management, SDM Repairs and Maintenance, SDM Waiting List & Allocations and SDM Complaints Register

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