Appointments Booking System

The SDM Appointments Booking System allows users to set up agreed appointment time slots against Repairs Contractors within the Repairs and Maintenance Module.

Appointments arranged in the SDM Appointments Booking System can then and emailed to contractors as an when job appointments are raised.  The system can be configured so that when a repairs inspector / contractor open up the SDM Anywhere Module they will be presented with job appointments for that day.

Key Information


  • Links to Contractor Record
  • Configurable Booking Period time slots
  • Ability to set Booking Start Time
  • Ability to set Last Booking Time
  • Ability to set Booking Duration
  • Ability to set Unavailable time
  • Ability to View Appointment Time slots

Repairs Works Ordering Screen

  • Ability to select Appointment Time slot
  • Ability to Book in time with Contractor and email booking
  • Ability to change appointment time slot
  • Ability to cancel appointment time slot
  • Ability to flag time slot as unavailable

Main Features

  • Ability to book appointment time slot with Contractor
  • Ability to email Appointment Confirmation to Contractor
  • Change appointment booking time capability
  • Cancel appointment booking time capability
  • Day by Day appointment calendar view with available / booked appointments
  • Ability to run appointments booked report


The SDM Appointments Booking system links to the following:

  • SDM Repairs and Maintenance Module
  • SDM Anywhere Module