Arrears Management

Arrears Management is designed to automatically monitor various arrears cases and to check which tenants arrears are increasing or decreasing. It will also review which arrangements have been made and whether these are being kept to.

Arrears Management is designed to add further functionality to the SDM Rents/ Housing Management Module. It is highly effective for RSL's where staff have control of a number of arrears cases or look after a geographical patch.

Key Information

Tenant Related

  • Full Arrears History
  • Tenant Details
  • Arrangement Information
  • Arrears History File
  • Designated Housing Officer
  • Increase / Decreasing Arrears
  • Former / Current Tenant Arrears Analysis
  • Monitor Arrears by Area

Transaction Related

  • Transaction Date
  • Payment Form Types
  • Transaction Narrative

Main Features

  • Full Arrears History
  • Arrears Checking
  • Update Arrears Stages at End of Period
  • Screen Enquiries
  • Staged Arrears Escalation Process
  • Attach Arrears Letters
  • Document Manager Filing Capability
  • On screen Updates

Report Generator

The Arrears Monitoring module can be used in conjunction with the Exporting Data function, Standard Reports and or SQL Bespoke reporting.


The Arrears Monitoring module fully integrates with the SDM Rent Accounting Module. In addition, data can be easily exported to other software applications.