Complaints Register

SDM Complaints Register enables the user to record and progress any type of complaint through all the various stages until resolution.

The Complaints Register Module can be used for complaints against the association generally or complaints about performance, anti-social behaviour issues and complaints against individuals.  Suggestions and compliments can also be recorded.

Key Information

  • Name, Address and Telephone Numbers of All Parties
  • Type of Complaint
  • Urgency Indicator
  • How the Complaint was made
  • Who it was reported to
  • Current Status of the Complaint
  • Next Action Due
  • Date of Next Action to be Taken
  • Source of Complaint
  • Confidentiality / Security Levels
  • Complaints Dashboard
  • Resolution Method
  • Date of Resolution
  • All documentation exchanged can be stored against the Complaint
  • Extended Data (and option to import)
  • Associated Complaints


  • Complaints Register
  • Complaints Resolution Times
  • Audit
  • Customisable export to Excel

Main Features

  • Full case history showing details of every action taken and next suggested action
  • Attach letters and documents relating to the complaint
  • Performance statistics against targets are maintained and presented in graphic form using the Complaints Dashboard
  • Assign levels of security to Staff to restrict access to confidential information
  • Full audit trail of actions and communications providing 'evidence' of communications
  • Complaints can be made against or by: Staff Members, Tenants, Contractors or Members of the Public


SDM Complaints module integrates with SDM Rents & Housing Management, SDM Purchase Ledger, SDM Task List and SDM Document Manager