Lease Owner Module

The SDM Lease Owners Module allows users to set up a lease owner file within the system and link the properties that are being leased to the lease owner record.

The SDM Lease Owners Module allows the user to calculate the charges and payments due to a lease owner for leased properties and allows statements to be produced for this purpose.

Key Information

  • Lease Owner set up as a Supplier in the Purchase Ledger Module
  • Lease Owner File created in the Rents Module
  • Lease Properties Added to the Lease Owner Record
  • Lease Property Charges set against Individual Properties

Main Features

  • Owner Record File
  • Record Owner Bank Details
  • Link Leased properties to Owner File
  • Flexible Charging Basis Calculations set against each leased property
  • Lease Owner Payment File Creation
  • Lease Owner Statement File Creation
  • Post Lease Owner Payments as Invoices to Purchase Ledger


The SDM Lease Owner Module integrates with:

  • SDM Rents Module
  • Purchase Ledger Module
  • Nominal Ledger Module