Order Integration Import / Export Repairs Orders

The SDM Import / Export Orders Module allows users to create electronic Job Order Files that can be sent to and received by Repairs Contractors.

Job orders are keyed into SDM by the user and the system generates the electronic job file for the repairs contractor to pick up.  Job Completion / Cancellation files can be sent back by the contractor via the polling manager.

Job Diary Files can also be generated to give users status updates regarding the job order thus allowing real time updates for the works order electronically.

Key Information

  • Creation of User Defined Job Export File
  • Fields available to select from Orders File
  • Fields available to select from Orders Extended data base File
  • Fields available to select from Property File
  • Fields available to select from Tenant File
  • Export Files in CSV File Format
  • Import Files CSV File Format
  • Standard Record Type files for Job Raised, Job Complete, Job Cancellation and Job Diary Files


  • Standard Job Analysis Reporting
  • Customisable Export to Excel Reporting
  • SQL Queries linked to Excel

Main Features

  • CSV File Customisation
  • File content agreed and configured between SDM Customer and Repairs Contractor
  • Files can support SOR Codes as well as standard Repair Codes
  • Files stored in configurable location
  • SFTP set up between Customer and Contractor to transfer files
  • Polling Service set up to process incoming files in real time
  • Electronic updating of job orders reducing manual processing


  • Designed to Integrate with any Repairs Contractor System