Purchase Ledger

The SDM Purchase Ledger module operates within the suite of SDM's fully integrated Housing Software.

The SDM Purchase Ledger Module holds a comprehensive Supplier/Contractor database which is automatically available in the Repairs and Maintenance module.

Key Information

Supplier Master File

  • Alpha Numeric Supplier Reference
  • Supplier Contact and Payment Details
  • Credit Terms
  • CIS Tax Details
  • Insurance Details
  • Supplier Diary
  • Registered Suppliers
  • Ability to Suspend Suppliers

Transaction File

  • Invoice & Purchase Orders Register
  • Invoice Approval Facility
  • Automatic Payment Date
  • Credit Notes
  • Various Payment Methods
  • VAT Calculation
  • Supplier Reference Details
  • Invoice Import
  • Invoice Diary


  • Daily Audit Trails
  • Supplier Accounts
  • Aged Creditors
  • Payments Pre-list
  • Payments Report
  • Vat Analysis/Return
  • CIS Reports
  • Diary Reports
  • Purchase Orders Report
  • Prompt Payments Report
  • Supplier Master Report

Main Features

  • Day Book Facility with Authorisations
  • Automatic Cheque Payments
  • Bank Payments Facility
  • CIS Tax System
  • Diary System
  • Track Invoices by Department
  • Cancelled Payments Facility
  • Facility to Lock Financial Periods
  • Customisable Remittances for Printing or Emailing
  • Scanning of Invoices which Automatically Attach to the Diary
  • Purchase Ordering Facility
  • Invoice Drilldown to Job Order or Maintenance Contract
  • Document Management System holds all Communications with Supplier
  • Automated Invoice Approvals
  • Importing Invoices
  • Customisable exports to Excel


The Purchase Ledger integrates with:

  • SDM Nominal Ledger Module
  • SDM Factoring/Service Charges Module
  • SDM Fixed Asset Register Module
  • SDM Document Manager Module
  • SDM Repairs & Maintenance Module