Repairs Software

The SDM Repairs and Maintenance module provides a total solution for maintenance personnel. It can store comprehensive information about properties, both tenanted and void, along with details on all current and historic jobs.

Repairs and Maintenance

The SDM Planned Maintenance module is a key element in the SDM range of Housing Software. Designed to operate along with the SDM Repairs and Maintenance module, the program allows housing staff to hold all the information required for stock condition surveys and to produce various reports for Life Cycle Costing.

Planned Maintenance

The SDM Maintenance Contracts Module allows users to record and monitor Maintenance Contracts from within the SDM Repairs & Maintenance module.

Maintenance Contracts

The SDM Voids Management module has been designed to allow staff to exercise greater control over the management of void properties from start to finish and adds value by highlighting 'bottlenecks' within the void process.

Voids Management

The SDM Factoring Module has been designed to allow housing organisations to monitor the repairs service they provide to other bodies.

Factoring / Service Charges

The SDM Import / Export Orders Module allows users to create electronic Job Order Files that can be sent to and received by Repairs Contractors.

Order Integration Import / Export Repairs Orders

The SDM Graphical Repairs Code Locator Module allows SDM to interface with 3rd party Graphical Repairs Locator software allowing users to accurately diagnose a repair more efficiently and effectively.

Graphical Repairs Code Locator

The SDM Appointments Booking System allows users to set up agreed appointment time slots against Repairs Contractors within the Repairs and Maintenance Module.

Appointments Booking System