Task List

SDM Task List provides users with an automated list of outstanding items awaiting action.

Items which are due for action within a user defined period are displayed in the form of a Task List.

Task List Generated From

Tenant Database

  • Tenant Diary Reminders
  • Extended Database Fields

Applicant Database

  • Applicant Diary Reminders
  • Extended Database Fields

Property Database

  • Property Diary Reminders
  • Rent Increases
  • Extended Database Fields


  • Overdue Jobs
  • Outstanding Requests
  • Appliance Work
  • Cyclical Work
  • Job Diary Reminders


  • Outstanding Actions
  • Unresolved Complaints

Main Features

  • Automatic generation of Task List
  • On-screen Task List maintenance
  • Ad-hoc tasks can be inserted
  • Ability to print Task List
  • View tasks by status e.g. All, Outstanding, Completed, Cancelled
  • Managers can insert, review and deal with Tasks for other staff.
  • Configurable by person and number of days Due.
  • Task List can be filtered by Area, Manager, Scheme and Extended Data date fields.


SDM Task List integrates with:

  • SDM Rents and Housing Management Module
  • SDM Repairs and Maintenance Module
  • SDM Waiting List & Allocations Module
  • SDM Complaints Register Module