Database Connectivity

The SDM Housing Software incorporates a comprehensive suite of sophisticated standard reports, each of which includes wide-ranging selection criteria. In addition, by using the Report Writer, fully-customisable reports may also be produced.

However, as far as SDM is concerned, this is not enough! Therefore SDM provide additional tools for reporting and/or further manipulation of data:


The SDM Housing Software is fully ODBC Compliant. ODBC - Open Data Base Connectivity enables the SDM Housing Software to have a common interface with other widely used software applications, such as spreadsheets, word processing, reporting tools and other databases, etc. in order that data may be manipulated, graphed or reported on in any number of ways.

Owners Details

The SDM Housing Software, as a standard facility, integrates to Microsoft Office. Some brief examples:

  • Word - Standard Letters to Tenants may be produced via Word and edited within Word prior to printing. The modified version of the letter is then held against the Tenant Diary using the Imaging & attachments module.

  • Outlook - Emailing of Job Orders to Contractors.

  • Excel - Integration provided via Data Export Facilities and/or ODBC

  • Access - Integration provided via Data Export Facilities and/or ODBC.

Data Export Facilities

Each of the modules within the SDM Housing Software suite incorporates the ability to produce export files. These may be created in the form of a text or CSV file for further processing, or may simply be emailed as a file attachment to other individuals or external organisations.

Export files produced in this way can utilise the standard report selection criteria within SDM as a means to provide filtering and sorting as and where appropriate.

In addition, all reports produced within SDM may be converted to Word Documents or exported in the form of a text file.

Export Data to Third-party Software

The above method of Data Export may also be used to link the SDM Housing Software with and pass data to non-SDM software products for further analysis and/or reporting.

Within the export definition as a default, or at the time of running if required, the export may be linked to another software package (eg Excel, Access, Word, etc).

Where linked in this way, the third-party software is automatically loaded and run from within the SDM Housing Software and the exported data transferred.

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