Database Connectivity

The SDM Housing Software incorporates a comprehensive suite of sophisticated standard reports, each of which includes wide-ranging selection criteria.

It is also possible to write fully customisable reports from the system to report / further manipulate data.

ODBC – Open Database Connectivity

SDM Housing Software is fully ODBC Compliant

ODBC enables the SDM Housing Software to have a common interface with other widely used software applications such as spreadsheets, word processing and other reporting tools in order that data may be manipulated, graphed or reported on in any number of ways.

Integration with Microsoft Office

The SDM Housing Software integrates to Microsoft Office as standard.  Some Examples include:

  • Word – Standard Letters Generation Tenants via Rent Accounting
  • Word – Standard Letters Generation Properties via Repairs & Maintenance
  • Word – Standard Letters Generation Suppliers via Repairs & Maintenance
  • Word - Standard letters Generation Applicants via Waiting List & Allocations
  • Letters are stored against a diary entry as an attachment and filed within the Imaging & Attachments or Document Manager Module
  • Outlook – Emailing of Job Orders, Bank Payment Remittance Advices to Contractors
  • Excel – Integration provided via Data Export, ODBC or SQL Queries
  • Access – Integration provided via Data Export, ODBC or SQL Queries

Data Export Facilities

Each of the modules within SDM Housing Software suite incorporates the ability to produce export files. These can be created as text or csv file for further processing.

Export Files created this way can use standard report selection criteria for filtering and sorting data as and where appropriate.  All reports produced in SDM can be converted to word or PDF Documents or can be exported to a text file.

Data Export to 3rd Party Software Applications

Data export may also be used to link SDM to other 3rd Party software applications to allow further analysis and reporting.

Within the export definition the export may be linked to another software package e.g. Excel, Access, Word etc.

When linked this way the 3rd Party software is automatically loaded and run from within the SDM Housing Software and the exported data transferred.