Graphical Repairs Code Locator

The SDM Graphical Repairs Code Locator Module allows SDM to interface with 3rd party Graphical Repairs Locator software allowing users to accurately diagnose a repair more efficiently and effectively.

Key Information

  • SOR – Schedule of Rate Import
  • Linking Graphical Locator to SDM Repairs System
  • SOR Codes Loaded into Repairs Locator
  • Graphical Locator General Configuration File Set Up


  • Standard Jobs Analysis Reporting
  • Configurable Order Export to Excel
  • SQL Queries to Excel

Main Features

  • SOR – Schedule of Rates Import Tool
  • Clicking on the Repairs Locator Picture Auto Populates SOR Code in SDM
  • Multiple SOR Codes can be added to the same Job Order
  • Graphical Locator Software Prompts assist diagnosing repair
  • Graphical Locator can be web based and allow tenants to diagnose repair and send file via web portal back to SDM


Integration with Various 3rd Party Graphical Repairs Code Locator Software Including:

  • Omfax
  • M3 Locator Plus
  • Northgate Repairs Finder