Supported Housing

The SDM Supported Housing Module sits alongside and interfaces seamlessly with the standard Rents & Housing Management and Waiting List & Allocation Modules.

The Supported Housing Module also allows users to Record Support Needs for supported housing tenancies.

Key Information

  • Set up User defined Assessment and Support Needs Questionnaires
  • Supported Housing Extended Database
  • Provides ability to report Support Housing Details
  • Linked to the SDM Household Members screen
  • Capturing Key tenant data and support needs

Main Features

  • Record Initial Assessment & Support Needs
  • Make Risk Assessments on a periodic basis
  • Add and maintain Support Plans
  • Add periodic Keyworker Sessions Recording progress and Actions Taken
  • Provides Outcome Reporting
  • Provides prompts and reminders when Keyworker sessions or Risk Assessments are due


The SDM Supported Housing Module integrates with Rents & Housing Management and Waiting List & Allocations Household Members screen within the tenant and Applicant databases.